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Bioness L300 Testimonial – Les and Steven, Veterans Who Are Stroke Survivors


This video features the mobility stories of Les B. and Steven P., two veterans and stroke survivors. You will hear their personal experiences with our Bioness L300 technology and watch them walk.


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As a Vietnam War veteran, 65 year old Les Boatwright has never taken freedom for granted. But, when a stroke left him with limited mobility on his left side, he felt like he lost some of his personal freedom and independence.


After the stroke and the mobility loss of my left leg, I was no longer able to do the very simple, small tasks that normal people take for granted. I couldn’t jump on my Moped and leave the house, go downtown. I couldn’t even go to the corner store to buy a newspaper.


These are my diplomas.


Steven Peace is also a veteran, a graduate of the Naval Academy. His military career has taken him around the world to places like Iraq, Afghanistan, and Japan. A few years ago, while home in California, he suffered a devastating stroke.


I came home, had dinner, T.V., no big deals, got up to go to bed, got half way around the couch, and it hit me…a stroke! And, I didn’t know what a stroke was.


Steven was only 32 years old when he had his stroke. Like Les, he experienced mobility issues following his stroke, but was determined to get moving again. Both men became hopeful when they heard about an FDA-cleared, advanced rehabilitation system called the NESS L300 that uses electrical stimulation to help patients walk again.


I mentioned it to my therapist at the VA, and she said, “Well, that’s a good idea. Let’s see if we can pursue it.” So, with that being said, I sort of let it go. And don’t you know the VA came completely through and offered me the L300.


Dr. Jerry Stenehjem, Medical Director at the Sharp Rehabilitation Center in San Diego, has seen great success with the NESS L300.

JERRY STENEHJEM, MD, Medical Director Sharp Rehabilitation Center

I’ve been able to prescribe the NESS L300 for quite a few of my patients. And, they seem to like it because they’ll to do away with their traditional rigid brace, and it does provide them with a more natural walking ability.


Offered by Bioness, the NESS L300 uses mild functional electrical stimulation for the treatment of foot drop, a condition that causes difficulty with walking for people recovering from a stroke or suffering from other central nervous system conditions, such as spinal cord injury, traumatic brain injury, multiple sclerosis, or cerebral palsy.

The NESS L300 is worn on the patient’s leg and consists of three parts: a gait sensor worn in the shoe, a lightweight cuff that fits just below the knee, and a wireless control unit.

Building on the success of the NESS L300, Bioness also offers the NESS L300 Plus, which includes stimulation of the thigh muscles.

JERRY STENEHJEM, MD, Medical Director Sharp Rehabilitation Center

The NESS L300 is able to provide an electrical stimulation to the nerve and muscle at the key period during walking to raise the foot and allow a much more natural movement.


The difference in Les’ movement ability compared to how he walks with the L300 is evident. The device has also allowed Steven to return to an active lifestyle, including competing in a triathlon.


It overall gives me this sense of freedom, and it actually gives me more freedom to do every little things; for example, going to the store, going to farmers’ market, getting a glass of water.


Les says he’s benefited most from the reassurance that the NESS L300 provides.


After the stroke, I lacked the confidence it takes for the usual person to get out there and know they can reach their destination. Now I can have the peace of mind to know that the Bioness L300 will get me to where I want to go.


Also available from Bioness is the NESS H200, a device to improve hand function in people with mobility issues and paralysis caused by stroke and other central nervous system conditions. This device uses the same functional electrical stimulation as the NESS L300.

If you would like to learn more about the NESS L300, NESS L300 Plus, or NESS H200, please visit www.Bioness.com.


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