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Bioness H200 Testimonial – LaVerne, a stroke survivor


LaVerne had a stroke in 2001 while cruising the Baltic Sea. Listen to LaVerne’s success story on feeling whole again after using the Bioness H200.


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My shoulder was very weak, and I had just a tremendously hard time lifting it or making it do anything. But, through therapy and through use of the Bioness, I could lift my arm. I could move it. Now, when I go to a concert or a play, I could clap. And, I could not do that before.

When I’m reading, I can hold a page so that the page doesn’t flip on me. Those are simple little things, but I couldn’t do them before.

I feel whole again. I feel whole because I can do so many more things than I could before I started using the NESS H200. I think the device has just made life very enjoyable for me again. It makes me proud that I’m improving. I love it! I love it.


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