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Bioness H200 Testimonial – Bridgitte, a traumatic brain injury survivor


Bridgitte is a young adult with a passion for horseback riding; she suffered a traumatic brain injury from a car accident when she was 8 years old. Listen to Bridgitte’s success story on what a difference a year made with the Bioness H200.


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Before the H200 had come along, we had reached a plateau. And, the doctors were talking about even a tendon transplant in her hand.


About a year ago I didn’t have any feeling in my hand at all. I wasn’t able to use it much. But, now that I’ve been using the H200, I’m getting more sensation back in my fingers.


I was overcome actually because I had never seen her fingers move like that. I was very emotional to see those fingers finally be able to move. I couldn’t believe that the H200 could do that. I didn’t know there was anything out like that. This was a huge, huge step forward.


And now I’m using it more without even thinking about using it. Like in school, holding the papers down, folding towels at home, making my bed.


It was just like a miracle. It was wonderful…truly.


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