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Bioness L300 Testimonial – Lorrie, a person with Multiple Sclerosis


Listen to Lorrie’s story - "A Life Changing Experience... For the Good". Lorrie is a person with Multiple Sclerosis who struggled with her AFO and broke free of the AFO with her Bioness L300.


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With the AFO walking was a little bit better but was still tiring. After a while you stop doing things you normally did. Maybe you had friends and family, and they wanted to go for a walk, you didn’t go with them. It was just too fatiguing.

The first time I had the L300 on and started to walk, I felt my foot lift. I wasn’t dragging my foot. It excited me so much! I did not know I could walk that way again. It has given me confidence, my confidence and self-esteem back. It’s just been a remarkable, life-changing experience for me for the good.


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