How the L300 Foot Drop System Works

A Step Ahead for Patients With Foot Drop

The L300 Foot Drop System utilizes adaptive wireless technology that senses when a patient's foot is on or off the ground and automatically adjusts to changes in walking speed and surfaces.

  • Leg cuff produces an electrical current to activate and contract specific leg muscles
  • Stimulates the appropriate nerves and muscles of the leg to override natural electrical brain signals.

Using Precise Sequence FES

The system applies Functional Electrical Stimulation (FES) in a precise sequence, which then activates the muscles to enable foot dorsiflexion and accelerate motor recovery. The result may be a more normal gait pattern combined with enhanced stability and confidence.1

“We placed my patient in the L300 and immediately…it took away the hip hike that he was having in his gait. That was his turning point in his rehabilitation…" – David Patterson, M.D. Medical Director, Casa Colina Centers for Rehabilitation

L300 Foot Drop System Components

L300 Foot Drop System Components1. Comfortable, Lightweight L300 Functional Stimulation (FS) Cuff
The leg cuff is a small, light-weight device that fits just below the knee and supports consistent electrode placement for stimulation. Available in two sizes: regular and small (for individuals with calf circumference approximately 12 inches or smaller).

2. Innovative Intelli-Sense Gait Sensor
The gait sensor attaches to the shoe to detect “heel on” and “heel off” positions. The Gait Sensor uses adaptive algorithms to communicate with the system and help patients navigate uneven surfaces, changes in elevation and walking speeds.

3. Wireless, Portable Control Unit
The hand-held remote is used to turn the system on and off, select operating modes and fine-tune stimulation settings.

The Control Unit also interfaces with the Clinician’s Programmer, enabling you to set stimulation parameters, make adjustments that are automatically stored in the patient’s records, track gait history and monitor patient compliance.