How the L300 Plus System Works

The Next Big Step in Gait Rehabilitation

The L300 Plus System combines the award winning L300 Foot Drop System with a Functional Electrical Stimulation (FES) thigh cuff that facilitates knee flexion and extension.

Using Precise Sequence FES

The L300 Plus System applies Functional Electrical Stimulation (FES) to activate the muscles throughout the leg for improved gait. The result is a more natural gait pattern, combined with enhanced security and confidence.1

L300 Plus System Components

The L300 Plus System is built to meet your patients’ needs and promote the best possible outcome. Each component is designed to work together via wireless communication for optimal performance:

L300 Plus System Components 1. L300 Functional Stimulation (FS) Leg Cuff
A leg cuff that activates the foot muscles and provides precise, reproducible electrode placement.

2. Thigh Functional Stimulation (FS) Cuff
An innovative lightweight neuroprosthesis that stimulates either the hamstring or quadricep muscles.

3. Intelli-Sense Gait Sensor
A wireless sensor that detects gait events while navigating uneven surfaces, changes in elevation and walking speeds.

4. Control Unit
A portable, hand-held device that communicates wirelessly with the system in order to select operating modes and stimulation parameters.

The Control Unit also interfaces with the Clinician’s Programmer, enabling you to set stimulation parameters, make adjustments that are automatically stored in the patient’s records, track gait history and monitor patient compliance.

1. Hausdorff JM, Ring H. 2006. The effect of a new lower-limb neuroprosthesis on physical and social functioning. J Neurol Phys Ther. 30(4):207